Become an Independent Consultant for Paparazzi Accessories and Reap Benefits

Become an Independent Consultant for Paparazzi Accessories and Reap Benefits

Do you know that becoming an independent consultant for paparazzi accessories can enable you to reap lots of benefits and become a successful jewelry businessman? What are your plans? Get set with your capital to set up your jewelry business!

What is Paparazzi Accessories, and What Do They Include?

  • Paparazzi Accessories is a jewelry company that offers jewelry pieces and hair accessories at genuine prices. The company entered the fashion industry with a strong commitment to keeping low prices of its jewelry pieces. And they plan to accomplish this feat by working in tandem with suppliers so that everyone can afford their products. At present, their products are available at $10.00 or even less. Hostesses of this company get an opportunity to be credited with free accessories and avail discounts on future purchases.  
  • Hollywood Haute spot black necklace is one of the most striking jewelry pieces that this company sells. It is also considered to be the first form of jewelry ever made by the ancient civilization. When it comes to its constituents, it has a collection of oversized shiny black, silver rings, and asymmetrical silver beads threaded along an invisible wire below the color. White rhinestones encrusted rings are sprinkled between the refined beadings for a striking finish. It is sold as an individual necklace. The good thing about Paparazzi jewelry is that they meet all applicable consumer safety laws and regulations in the US.  

Benefits You Can Reap as Independent Consultant for Paparazzi Accessories

As an independent consultant for Paparazzi accessories, you will be able to set up your own business, be your own boss, set your own hours for executing your business, and, most importantly, feel excited about your products. If you make up your mind to take your business to the next level, the sky will be the limit for you. You will be able to target your clients from a window to the world, and in a limited period of time, you will become one of the richest businessmen in your city. 

The Capital You Need to Set Up Your Jewelry Business

The minimum amount of capital you need to set up your jewelry business with Paparazzi is $40.00. Apart from this, you can choose from a large variety of starter kits that range from $300.00 to $2,750.00. You can earn 45% retail profit on your personal sales, plus 5% to 10% commissions on team sales up to three levels. 

What Makes Paparazzi So Unique from Other Jewelry Stores?

Paparazzi is a self-esteemed and motivated business that has withstood the worst economic recession since the great depression. It is poised to continue growth and success in the sales industry. It is also likely to provide training to budding businessmen. But this is not possible for most new direct sales companies because they do not know the importance of training new consultants. 

Briefly Put!

Make up your mind to become an independent consultant for paparazzi accessories without a second thought. Starting a tie-up with Paparazzi will enable you to execute your business with a small capital and then take it to an amazing height. It is a reliable and genuine company, and your business prospects will be bright with it.


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